Lawyers representing clients in court of law must produce and submit a lot of documents. They have specific names and serve certain purposes.

Try to match the documents below with their definitions:

affidavit answer brief complaint injunction motion notice pleading writ

  1. the principal pleading by the defendant in responce to a complaint.
  2. in civil law, the first pleading filed on behalf of plaintiff, whichc initiates a lawsuit, setting forth the facts on which the claim is based.
  3. an official order from a acourt for a person to stop doing something.
  4. an application to a court to obtain an order, ruling or decision
  5. a written statement that somebody makes after they have sworn officialy to tell the truth, which might be used as proof in court.
  6. a formal written statement setting forth the cause of action or the defence in a case.
  7. a document providing notification of a fact, claim or proceeding.
  8. a document or set of documents containing the details about a court case.
  9. a document informing someone that they will be involved in a legal process and instructing them what they must do.


1. answer (odpowiedź) 2. complaint (skarga) 3. injunction (nakaz) 4. motion (wniosek) 5. affidavit (oświadczenie) 6. pleading (pismo procesowe) 7. notice (zawiadomienie) 8. brief (pisma procesowe) 9. writ (pozew)

What can you do with a legal document?

to draft a document (sporządzić) – to produce a legal document (to write it down)

to issue a document (wydać) – to produce something official (a passport, an invoice)

to file document with an authority (złożyć w odpowiednim urzędzie) – to officially record something, especially in a court of law

to serve a document on someone (dostarczyć odbiorcy) – to deliver a legal document to someone

to submit a document to an authority (złożyć) – to deliver a document formally for a decision to be made by others

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